Mod Turtleneck Black & White

Hi! I don’t know why but I just love turtlenecks! I have short sleeve and long sleeve ones and they are just great. Now that we are in the heart of winter, I think turtlenecks are a great way to stay warm while keeping fashion cool.
I’m wearing a long sleeve black and white striped turtleneck (I love stripes!) from Forever 21, black leggings, my Donald J. Pliner black high heels, a Pandora birthstone ring, and a Tiffany necklace and bracelet. In addition, I put my hair in a high and straight ponytail for a fierce and glam effect.
When I saw this turtleneck, I fell in love! Something that is so great about this outfit is that the turtleneck is like the “main event” or the piece that chooses the theme, look or “topic” of this outfit, but each piece adds to the beauty and charm of the set. So, when you’re putting an outfit together, pick one piece that chooses the theme or particular look of the outfit, and make sure the other pieces you add compliments and lifts the look. Good luck! (:






Atlantis Paradise Island

Hello! If you’re looking for a place to travel, try Atlantis in the Bahamas. I recently traveled there during winter break, and I had a great time! There are four hotels that each have different themes: Royal Tower (underwater Atlantis/Poseidon-themed), the Coral Tower (tropics), the Beach Tower (beach), and the Cove Tower (relaxing Asian spa). I have good reviews of the hotel too–the restaurants are amazing and have great service, the food is delicious, the stores are some of the best (Versace, Ferragamo and Gucci are just a few of the stores in the hotel!), the list of activities is so unique (I went snorkeling with sharks and dolphins in the water!), and the sightseeing is a dream. There is also a place that is part of but outside the hotel known as the Marina. The Marina is not only a place for yachts, but also a place that has many restaurants and shops, as well as a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream place! If you want to go somewhere during Valentine’s Day, next winter break, or even just to travel somewhere, Atlantis is a great destination to visit.
Below are some pictures taken during my trip. One is the view from my hotel room (Coral) of the Royal Towers during the day and during the night, the Christmas tree in my hotel’s lobby, a Christmas tree made out of books in a children’s library, a cool staircase near tropical trees, some of the Coral Tower, and a glimpse of some colorful condos right outside of the hotels. Enjoy! (:

~Danielle K**











Moschino Speaks Louder Than Words

We know Moschino, but do we really know about the brand? This is a fashion article that I wrote for my school newspaper. It’s about the original designer of Moschino, Franco Moschino, and the current designer for the brand, Jeremy Scott, as well as being ourselves and standing out! Enjoy!! (:

We know the brand. We know the designs. But, do we know the designer? Every day, people hear about the designers showcasing their latest looks on runways across the world in addition to reading about the company itself. However, while people explore the cavalcades of the clothes and styles of a brand, many do not truly learn about the master behind the designs and what their message represents.
Franco Moshino, the original designer of Moschino, started out his career working for Gianni Versace by illustrating designs for six years. Eventually, he launched his own brand titled Moschino Couture! In the beginning, he designed only jeans and casualwear, but eventually turned his company into more; he designed eveningwear, shoes, menswear and perfumes. He was dubbed the Jean Paul Gaultier (the designer of Madonna’s risqué outfits from the 90’s) of Italian fashion for his innovative and unique designs, as Gaultier was known for experimenting with different fabrics and shapes. While Moschino did this, he stuck with traditional methods as well as spoof high-fashion lines. His company took off due to his eccentricity and satirical designs. For example, he took the widely known Chanel jacket and transformed it into something of his own—gold studs, trims and other unique patterns.
When Moschino died, Jeremy Scott became the new designer for the brand. Before his reign as a famous designer, he was born in Kansas City, Missouri. He attended Pratt Institute in New York where he eventually would create his own line of clothing. He started this by working with Björk in the late 1990s and showcased the line in Paris Fashion Week. Vogue called his spring 2000 ready-to-wear show “a witty reply to all his detractors, who had accused him in the past of producing outlandish clothing that no one would wear.” Moschino and Jeremy Scott had something in common.
Eventually, Scott moved on to design for the successful Adidas brand in 2008. Finally, Scott took the position as the creative director of Moschino in October 2013 where he would take the once-popular company and turn it into something universal. Fortunately, Scott escalated the popularity of the company and continued the tradition of Moschino’s satirical and crazy-cool styles. Celebrities such as Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora and more are often seen sporting his latest designs, which adds to the popularity and recognition of Moschino, especially when Katy Perry wore Scott’s beach-themed design while performing at the 2015 Super Bowl XLIX Half Time show.
Today, Moschino is known for creating a myriad of different items, such as jackets, t-shirts, phone cases, shoes, and more. Not only does he design these items, but he puts a fun twist on each of his collections. His Fall/Winter 2014 designs were Spongebob and McDonald’s inspired, and his Spring/Summer 2015 looks were Barbie inspired. This season, he is coming back with a Looney Tunes inspired wardrobe.
Moschino is not just a brand with quirky and odd fashions, but one that inspires people to step ‘outside of the box’ and be themselves. When Jeremy Scott creates his designs, he is not wondering “will people think this is too weird and no one will wear it?” He is thinking about how unique and different his brand is and he aspires to make it unique in every way, from his measuring tape dresses to his Barbie mirror phone case to his ‘leather jacket’ handbags.
Even though we may not wear such things to school or throughout everyday life, we can learn something from Moschino/Jeremy Scott. Being unique and not caring so much what others think makes us stronger and stand out, even if that means rocking a Hershey bar dress.

~Danielle K**

Autumn Season (With a Touch of Winter)

Hi everyone! Recently, I went to a harvest festival for autumn and it was so much fun! If there is one coming up near you, you should definitely try it! There’s food and games, and it gave me a chance to explore the town of the festival as well as get to learn more about it! I got to visit many different stores (where items were homemade) and I noticed that the many of the decorations were fall-themed, with a few winter decorations! So what did I do? I took pictures!! Not everything I took pictures of has to do with the seasons, but I took pictures of them because they were so simple yet beautiful. Here you will see some decorations and imagery of the places I saw as well as decorations for autumn and winter time. Enjoy! (:











Disclaimer: These are my own pictures that I took with my camera. Thanks! (:

New Season: New Fashions

Happy Fall!!! I have gotten way too much school work, but I am making time to post! So, as we all know, school is back… and so is Fall. These outfits I have styled myself are back-to-school looks as well as outfits for the new fall season; try it out!

This 70’s back-to-school look is perfect for fall and for staying stylish yet comfortable. I am wearing a short sleeve turtleneck (similar ones on Polyvore), a tan and white faux fur coat from Forever 21 that I took on and off depending on the weather, BDG high-waisted denim skirt (one of my favorite denim companies) tom Urban Outfitters, Gucci boots, white leg warmers, Burberry necklace, and Tory Burch bracelet. This 70’s look is the definition of back-to-school.






New Season: New Fashions Continued

Bohemian chic comes to mind with this fabulous design. The pants give the illusion of a lot of height when combined with the heels. and high-pony hair. This outfit will surely make you feel like a model walking down the runway through the halls– I know I did!
I am wearing a white crop top, pastel pink bellbottoms from Forever 21, a pastel owl necklace, Vince Camuto peach and gold stud heels, and gold bangle bracelets. Whether back to school or on vacation, this is the look to go to.





Back to School!

School is back! While some may be sad hat the summer is over, we can look on the bright side; new fall fashions! However, these outfits are more on the border between end of summer and early fall. The first one is a designer/runway outfit, the second a Greek island feel, and the third is preppy back-to-school. See my more recent posts for autumn back to school outfits!

First look: I am wearing a Moschino barbie skirt, white crop top, Donald J. Pliner heel boots, a gold Chanel-like purse necklace, and aux Hermes cuff bracelet.
Second look: Forever 21 Greek island top, Vince harem pants in blue, bronze Icora gladiators, and beige and blue bracelets.
Third look: black crop top, plaid American Apparel skirt and socks, Gucci boots, and Juicy Couture necklace and bracelet. My hair is in a half-up, half-down ponytail.









Perks of Italian Food Throughout Italy

Whenever we go to an Italian restaurant, I’m sure we’ve all wondered at least once what pizza or spaghetti tastes like in Italy. Being the Italian food lover I am, I have questioned that. The people I have asked before my trip to Italy said that they taste differently than the pizza and spaghetti in America. However, I disagree. The food may taste or be made a little differently, but it is actually not that different from American Italian food! It was still amazing (:
Pretty much every restaurant I went to, they served a variety of pizzas, pastas and sauces, salads with oil and balsamic, and some kind of meat, and that was it. That was fine with me, to be honest.
The desserts in Italy are a dream. There were the world-famous gelatos, which were served everywhere, chocolate soufflés (I REPEAT, CHOCOLATE SOUFFLÉS!), fruit tarts, chocolate ganache cakes, tiramisu, mousse, pudding, and much, much more.
My experiences at the restaurants were very good. There was one restaurant in particular that had the typical Italian setting and had wonderful food and service. The waiter, whose name was Aldo, was super sweet! This restaurant was called “Buca Mario”, which I have a picture of, and if you’re planning on going to Florence, you must go there! I went there on my last night of Florence, and I have to say, it ended it with a wonderful touch.
In Amalfi, I had dinner at the restaurant in the hotel, and it was so appetizing that my family and I ate there twice! The scenery appeared as if it were right out of a top-knotch magazine. I could have just looked at the sky and Mediterranean sea all day and night. As I was dining, I got to experience the setting of the sun and the rising of the moon. The moon looked huge, and on my second night in Amalfi, I had the chance of witnessing a big, blood-red moon. Anyway, the pictures below in Amalfi are from where I was sitting, and the dessert pictures in Amalfi appear so dark because it was so dark outside! The first set of Amalfi pictures were taken when the sun was still out.
Italy is known for its world-renowned food, as well as scenery, architecture, FASHION, history, and pretty much everything else! Anyone visiting the country will experience all of the marvelous je ne sais quoi that the country has to offer.

~Danielle K**














Disclaimer: All of these photos were taken by me. They were not taken by anyone else and are not from any other site. Thank you (:

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