How to Dress from the Fashion Week styles

I know that Fashion Week was in September, but this is an article I wrote for my school newspaper. I finally had the time to post it, so here it is! By the way, Happy New Year!!! I hope you all have a great year!

People are coming from all over the world, famous designers are about to showcase their latest designs, and models are getting ready in their eccentric outfits to show off to the world on the runways. This is Fashion Week, where a huge number of designers advertise their latest collections. Of course, we want all of the looks. However, there are a couple problems: they are really hard to get, and they are insanely expensive. Now imagine walking down your school hallway like it’s the runway, and you’re wearing something from one of the latest Fashion Week shows…or something similar.
Many affordable companies such as Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, H&M, and others try to copy the latest looks from the shows. For example, the iconic black quilted Chanel bag has look-a-likes all over Forever 21. So stop drooling over these show-stopping looks and read on to see how you can get your one-of-a-kind Fashion Week outfit from your favorite designers!
Even though we only live about an hour away, there is so much that goes on in New York City. There is an endless number of activities to do there, but one activity that stands out above the rest is New York Fashion Week. One of the hottest designers there is Michael Kors. Everyone knows about his popular handbags that always leave the shelves, but many are unaware of the rest of his looks and products. Many of his designs in the show are from very popular trends: florals, lace, basic and bright colors, and 1940’s glamour. Kors’ looks are popular trends that he has made unique. Forever 21 is definitely a great choice for finding lace shirts and dresses, floral-patterned clothing, and basic tees and bright coats. The prices for these items usually range from about $10-$50. That is definitely a worthy save for a similar look that is north of $300, right?
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Now, Paris is such an iconic city. It is known for its world-famous monuments, romantic lights, and top-class food. Most importantly, it’s renowned for its high-end fashion! One of the most well-known Parisian companies is Chanel, which appeared at the 2015 Spring/Summer Fashion Week show in Paris. Karl Lagerfeld, the current designer for Chanel, created a bunch of styles from business wear, to knit sweaters, all the way to hippie/boho bags. Of course, Lagerfeld put his own twist on them by contrasting colors, eccentric designs, and crazy patterns, all of which are too expensive anyway. Not to fear, many of these looks can be found at thrift shops, closets of relatives, and even at yard sales. They can also be found at stores mentioned before, but look for these items at places where hand-me-downs are sold. Once you’ve found what you have been looking for, add a personal touch, like maybe a colorful bracelet, or a pearl necklace, which are looks that Chanel pulls off.
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We are all familiar with the world-famous Barbie doll; known for her bubblegum pink clothing, adorable wardrobe, and platinum blonde hair. She has inspired Moschino’s director, Jeremy Scott, and taken over his fashion line by storm. In Milan Fashion Week, Jeremy Scott decided to resemble his clothing after the Barbie doll. The models appear wearing outfits from Barbie’s everyday wardrobe: her workout clothes, her cowgirl look, her boarding a plane look, and many more. More popular looks for teens from the show would be Scott’s pink word-printed one-piece sweater, two-piece sweater and skirt, workout clothing, and denim designs. Forever 21 has many one-piece and two-piece graphic sweaters for just $15. Also, great workout clothing that’s not only comfortable but cute can be found at stores like Nike, Adidas, and Denim tops and other accessories can be found at
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Even though the looks from the shows are expensive and hard to get, that doesn’t mean that one can’t buy similar looks and create a new outfit themselves! The key is to find a look that someone likes, and then they can look for similar clothing items to create their own one-of-a-kind designer outfit! A few inspired affordable pieces in your wardrobe and you’ll feel like you’re walking down the New York, Paris, and Milan Fashion Week shows too!

~Danielle** (:

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