Perks of Italian Food Throughout Italy

Whenever we go to an Italian restaurant, I’m sure we’ve all wondered at least once what pizza or spaghetti tastes like in Italy. Being the Italian food lover I am, I have questioned that. The people I have asked before my trip to Italy said that they taste differently than the pizza and spaghetti in America. However, I disagree. The food may taste or be made a little differently, but it is actually not that different from American Italian food! It was still amazing (:
Pretty much every restaurant I went to, they served a variety of pizzas, pastas and sauces, salads with oil and balsamic, and some kind of meat, and that was it. That was fine with me, to be honest.
The desserts in Italy are a dream. There were the world-famous gelatos, which were served everywhere, chocolate soufflés (I REPEAT, CHOCOLATE SOUFFLÉS!), fruit tarts, chocolate ganache cakes, tiramisu, mousse, pudding, and much, much more.
My experiences at the restaurants were very good. There was one restaurant in particular that had the typical Italian setting and had wonderful food and service. The waiter, whose name was Aldo, was super sweet! This restaurant was called “Buca Mario”, which I have a picture of, and if you’re planning on going to Florence, you must go there! I went there on my last night of Florence, and I have to say, it ended it with a wonderful touch.
In Amalfi, I had dinner at the restaurant in the hotel, and it was so appetizing that my family and I ate there twice! The scenery appeared as if it were right out of a top-knotch magazine. I could have just looked at the sky and Mediterranean sea all day and night. As I was dining, I got to experience the setting of the sun and the rising of the moon. The moon looked huge, and on my second night in Amalfi, I had the chance of witnessing a big, blood-red moon. Anyway, the pictures below in Amalfi are from where I was sitting, and the dessert pictures in Amalfi appear so dark because it was so dark outside! The first set of Amalfi pictures were taken when the sun was still out.
Italy is known for its world-renowned food, as well as scenery, architecture, FASHION, history, and pretty much everything else! Anyone visiting the country will experience all of the marvelous je ne sais quoi that the country has to offer.

~Danielle K**














Disclaimer: All of these photos were taken by me. They were not taken by anyone else and are not from any other site. Thank you (:

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