Moschino Is For All Ages

Moschino is one of the latest new designer brands. It is known for its flashy, unique pop culture designs created by the company’s latest designer, Jeremy Scott (I would love to meet him!). From his Fall 2014 Spongebob runway show to his Spring 2015 Barbie-inspired show, to his latest Looney Tunes Fall 2015 collection, Scott definitely is a designer of people’s taste. He is known for his “This Is Not A Moschino T-Shirt” handbag, the “I Had Nothing Else To Wear So I Put On This Moschino Dress” dress, his ‘leather jacket’ handbags, and much more. One simply has to take a look at his designs and they know what they are about; they have their own story.
For example, when I walked into the dream store, I was introduced to a sorted array of completely unique collections. When I looked at the pink and black “Moschino” sweaters, I immediately knew those were from the Barbie collection.
In my opinion, my favorite collection of his is the Barbie-inspired 2014 collection. If you look at my photos of the Barbie items, you will see why (:
Going to Moschino in Italy was my first experience of going to a Moschino store. Actually, the first Moschino place I went to was not a Moschino store, but a small department store that carried Moschino products and a few other well-known Italian brands. The store was titled “Spazio A”, which was in Venice. The next time I went to a place where they sold Moschino products was an actual Moschino store in Rome. The store was two floors with clothes, handbags, shoes and more of different categories.
Moschino is an incredible store that has a talented designer– he combines urban street with high-end fashion. The products he designs for the company have their own story.
By the way, did you know that Jeremy Scott has a movie coming out in September?! It’s called “Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer”. I can’t wait to see the movie!

Enjoy the pictures!! (:



Disclaimer: All of these photos were taken by either me or my family. They were not taken by anyone else and are not from any other site. Thank you (:

Chanel In Florence

A fashionista can travel all around the world, but one of the first places they explore is Chanel. I made sure I found a Chanel in every major city I went. The only one I went inside of and took pictures was of the Chanel in Florence. The first picture is of the Chanel boutique and the second one is the makeup store (both separate stores). It was an experience to be there, but I must warn: the sales associates there might follow you until you are interested in buying something.

I have many pictures of Moschino (one of my favorite designer brands) to show you!


Above: Sign says “Chanel loves Firenze” (Florence in Italian)

~Danielle K**

Disclaimer: All of these photos were taken by me. They were not taken by anyone else and are not from any other site. Thank you (:

Italian Architecture

It was such an incredible experience to be taking pictures of places that one would see from a magazine, film, or hear about from anywhere in the world. As stated in the previous post, I would show you many pictures in different categories of my travels. Today, you will see the beautiful and carefully created Italian architecture from cities like Florence (the Duomo), Pisa (the Leaning Tower of Pisa), and Rome (the Colosseum, the Vatican, Roman Forum, the Pantheon, Altare della Patria). Read on to learn more.

Florence, as explained in the previous post, is the Renaissance city. The civilians were fascinated with ideas of beauty; their city was well-advanced at the time, and their architecture was beautiful. The Duomo of Florence, known as Il Duomo di Firenze in Italian, was built in 1294 and finished in 1436, and is known to have a gothic architectural style.

Pisa is known for its 183 foot (56 meters) tall Leaning Tower of Pisa. This 7-story leaning tower, which was finished in 1360, was not always leaning. The tower began to lean during its construction because the foundation of the tower was built on soft ground which had difficulty supporting the weight. Today, what supports the tower from staying up and not falling is a metal bar in the inside. The fact that this tower was built incorrectly and leans to this day may be the reason why it is so famous. Its original purpose was to be a bell tower, and it was, but now it is a piece of architectural history.

Rome is the city of architecture. Even though other cities in Italy have had buildings constructed in the 11th century, Rome has had buildings constructed from as early as the B.C. ages! Rome is also the capital of Italy.
The Pantheon, which was opened in 126 AD, was a Roman temple dedicated to the gods of their beliefs. Today, it is a famous tourist site, but it is remembered for what it was at the time.
The Roman Forum is where we get the name for forums on websites and other places. The forum, which started being used in 500 BC, was where news was posted, criminal trials were held, and public speeches were announced. Today, they are famous ruins that many people come to see.
The Altare della Patria, which has a beautiful front yard and has such a polished white color that it looks like bright, clean teeth! In English, “Altare della Patria” means “Altar of the Fatherland”. This is a monument built in honor of Victor Emmanuel, the first king of a unified Italy, and was completed in 1925. The structure represents a visual symbol of the new nation of Italy and of the city of Rome liberated from monarchical papal rule.
The Vatican is not a part of Rome, or even Italy. The Vatican belongs to Vatican City, the smallest country in the world, and only occupies 110 acres, or 4,859 square miles. About 20 years ago, only about 2,000 people used to visit the Vatican. Today, about 20,000 people visit the Vatican. The building was beautiful, but just make sure you don’t mind overflowing rooms of tourists! Tip: If you plan on visiting the Sistine Chapel or St. Peter’s Basilica (both very beautiful), wear appropriate clothing (isn’t too exposed and covers shoulders, knees, and stomach) because the guards are very strict about that and they stop people from going inside these buildings if they do not follow this rule. Fun fact about the Sistine Chapel: Many people know that Michelangelo painted the ceiling and a part of the wall for the Sistine Chapel, but many people do not know why. My tour guide explained that this was because Michelangelo’s opponent, Bramante, knew that he Michelangelo was not a painter, so he challenged him. Michelangelo accepted this challenge. After finishing his work of 4 years, Michelangelo created a beautiful masterpiece and proved his opponent wrong. One of the most well-known paintings of the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo is “The Creation of Adam”.
Finally, one of the most well-known architecture of Rome and of the world is the Colosseum. Built in 70 AD and finished in 80 AD, the Colosseum served as an Amphitheater, where gladiators fought to the death at the expense of entertainment to audiences. My tour guide shared that only 2% of the gladiators who fought in the Colosseum survived. The rest were either killed by other fighters or wild animals. Today, the Colosseum is a world-famous tourist site. Tip: If you plan on visiting the Colosseum, make sure you book tickets on the computer ahead of time! You can purchase them at the Colosseum, but the lines were incredibly long, and I do not know why anyone would do that when they can just get it ahead of time.

Many more photos are to come (:














Disclaimer: All of these photos were taken either me or my family. They were not taken by anyone else and are not from any other site. Thank you (:

Aspects of Italian Scenery

Buongiorno! I have just returned from an Italian dream vacation. While exploring the country, I landed in Venice, then traveled to Florence, from Florence I visited Pisa, then took a train to Naples to then take a long ride into the mountains of Amalfi, then finally went back to Naples to then take a train to Rome. I have MANY pictures to share with you, but I will show you by category: beautiful scenery, world-famous architecture (Leaning Tower of Pisa, Colosseum, The Vatican…), churches, outfits, stores, restaurants, etc… To start off, I will show you all of the hidden wonders that Italy has to offer.

Venice is a city on water– literally. After arriving to the Venice airport, I was a bit surprised when I was taken to my taxi that would lead me to my hotel. The taxi was not a regular one– it was a boat. Yes, a boat! In Venice, since it is a city that is all surrounded by water, transportation includes taking a boat (as a taxi or public bus), walking, or if you want to treat yourself, a gondola. Anyway, the city’s unique appeal had much to offer, as well as the different people, culture, and lifestyle.

Florence is the city of the Renaissance. Despite the city’s color-coded buildings (scaling from a light orange to cream white), Florence had many remarkable works of architecture. As shown in the Florence photo below, the people (dating back to the early 1500s!) were very crafted, and yes, the city was very large back then. Not as large as today, but pretty big for a city during the 16th century. Also, you may see a large building in the middle of the photo. That is the Duomo of Florence. I will show you close-up photos of the church in a later post. Florence is definitely a city of notableness.

Amalfi is a town in the mountains. To travel to the Amalfi coast, one has to drive UP a mountain through a series of winding roads, which, if one looks down, can see about a 1000 foot drop, to then have to repeat the same going down the mountain after reaching the top. After the hectic drive of about an hour and a half, which can be a bit nauseating, the destination of Amalfi has been reached. Despite the driving, Amalfi is incredibly beautiful. The town on the mountain lies above the crystal-blue Mediterranean Sea, which is welcomed by many yachts and a relaxing summer breeze. As shown below, I have many pictures from Amalfi to share with you, and more photos are to come. The hotel we stayed at was the Miramalfi, which was an amazing hotel with a breathtaking view from any room in the hotel. Amalfi was a great choice for settling down and relaxing. I felt as if the town had their own theme of colors (white for the buildings and blue for the ocean), which reminded me of Santorini. By feeling so far away from the rest of Italy (since it is behind the mountains), one truly does feel like they are on a hidden escape from reality.

Ravello was recommended by many friends and hotel employees. This town is a few miles away from Amalfi. This town is within the mountains with no ocean right beside it, but one still gets an incredible view since Ravello is higher up in the mountains than most of the surrounding towns (see last picture of Ravello in pictures below). This town, which has just as scary of roads, is a beautiful town with much culture and history. The main church of the town was built in the 1200s! The food was incredibly delectable, as one would expect Italian food to taste, since all of the food was made fresh right at the restaurant: the oils, pasta, salad, tomato sauce, etc. As I ate, I had an extraordinary view of lush, green mountains. Ravello was a unique experience, and if one travels to Amalfi, they should also consider Ravello.

Many more photos are to come (:










Disclaimer: All of these photos were taken by me (except sixth picture taken by family); they were not taken by anyone else and are not from any other site. Thank you (:

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