Music Artists Influence Fashion

Celebrity singers have almost everything: fancy cars, expensive homes, an exciting job, millions of adoring fans, but what is most impressive is their killer fashion. People may be inspired by the music an artist creates, but it is the styles and fearlessness in what they wear that stays in one’s mind. Read on to find out why todays singers are the leading fashion inspiration for many of their followers.
Music is a huge part of people’s lives, so it is important that these songbirds look like they are at the top of their game. Why else do celebrities spend thousands of dollars on clothing? Of course, they have the money, but they dress to impress knowing that they will land that coveted magazine cover/tabloid and most importantly stay in their fans minds long after their music has faded. If you have not seen Madonna in her Gaultier pointed bustier, find her on YouTube or a myriad of vintage magazine covers. Her outfit is still talked about—artistic or embarrassing. This is really the point of the article. The main reason to celebrate these innovators for fashion inspiration is because of their confidence. Celebrities will try an outfit out before we do; we are inspired after the dust has settled (in other words once we are sure it is okay to wear a version of their outfit) and then make it our own. When a singer steps out on the red carpet, they know all eyes will be on them: they dress to impress. The confidence of singers is shown in how they express themselves. They cannot waste the time worrying about what others might think of them. Knowing what crazy costumes Miley Cyrus or Katy Perry wears exemplifies how they wear what makes them happy and remembered by those around them—they dare to be different.
katy perry
Just like them, people can learn to embrace themselves for who they are and make a lasting impression on others.
Singers are spectacular fashion icons. One reason why we race home to our mailbox or go to our nearest store to pick up the latest magazine or browse fashion blogs is for unique fashion inspiration. Just think of Gwen Stefani and her adorable Harajuku style, with her red lips and Japanese influenced (Harajuku is an area in Japan where the coolest people hang out) clothing. It had fashionistas running to the stores for anything with her name on it. This is what people like Rihanna or Beyoncé are also ubiquitously known for. A few weeks ago at the Met Gala, Rihanna wore a Guo Pei 25 kilogram dress and Beyoncé a skin-tight sheer crystal Givenchy dress. Not that anyone would wear either of these dresses pretty much anywhere we can still glean a spark of their fashion fearlessness. One may not wear a gown with a 20 foot train in the back, or a diaphanous Greek goddess style, but what we can do is wear a dress with a longer hem in the back, or a sheer material with a short undershirt underneath. These fabulous songstresses are above par on the fashion radar and are very looked up to in the fashion world.
ariana grande
Singers have their own looks that inspire us to have unique styles of our own. Ariana Grande has a lady-like chic look that usually includes a tight-fitting crop top, high-waisted jeans, femme-fatal Christian Louboutin or Yves Saint Laurent heels, and finished off with a diamond choker necklace. Every now and then, she wears cat ears that match her mood or an animal onesie to stay comfortable. Another singer like Taylor Swift has her own inspirational style: high-waisted shorts, long-sleeve crop tops, flats, and most importantly, bright red lipstick. Because these singers have their own defined style, women all over are inspired to create their own appearance that will leave others in awe. Read books about fashions over the last few decades, scour over your magazines, and watch the award shows…and don’t be afraid to try a style that is uniquely you—Rihanna would be proud.

The Life of a Fashion Blogger

Ever wondered what it would be like to travel the world in search of the perfect outfit, get paid to wear a cute skirt and top, meet thousands who share the same interests as you, and get the fashion scoop long before your favorite store does? Welcome to the life of the Fashion Blogger.
Wikipedia defines a fashion blog as a blog that covers the fashion industry, clothing and personal style. The Urban dictionary defines fashion bloggers as a kind of species of fashionistas that dedicate their lives to their fashion blogs—a place where they post pictures of styles that most cannot afford or pictures of themselves wearing things that they find fashionable. The typical blogger could be anywhere from say 14 to 25+ Bloggers are predominantly female, although there are male bloggers, too.
Some fashion bloggers write posts or bits of information with photos included. Some bloggers write just for fun, others as a hobby, and then there are those that are dedicated to making fashion blogging a career with the hope that what they write about will be found by a large company looking to have the blogger help them brand their item (get their item out to the publics attention). A blogger’s greatest hope is to gain followers as this helps build their brand.
What one may find in a fashion blog is an entrance into the personal style of the blogger and in many cases, a sense of street style. There are some blogs that have great photos and great commentary. Some speak of startling trends/influences, and some that have it all. A few of my favorite bloggers are Kayture, The Man Repeller, Style Rookie and my blog Omgfashiongirl. Many bloggers are Fashion week invitees, style muses for designers, appear in pop magazines and have been featured in Teen Vogue. The blogger for the site Style Rookie was a 13-year-old who simply wanted to document her own style. Now at 19, Tavi Gevinson has her own online magazine; if she wears an outfit, others are likely to go shopping and copy her style. My blog is about taking designer items and mixing them with pieces from Forever 21, H&M, Guess, and similar stores for a glamourous yet affordable vibe.
Now that you have gotten a peak into the world of the fashion blogger, I must tell you that there are many bloggers writing about a myriad of different topics (go to Google and start searching). Though it is believed that the purpose of all of this blogging going on is to teach us to own what we wear, our style, and how we live our lives. One well know Food Blogger states an often quoted saying on her blog “you are what you eat”. Fashion bloggers have just taken this saying and made it their own, except their saying is “you are what you wear”. Have fun with fashion, admire a blog with styles you appreciate but would never wear, or try on those accessories that you see look so dashing on someone, and most importantly, enjoy. Bon Appetite!


Credit: 1st Picture: Tavi Gevinson: Rookie Mag; 2nd Picture: Kristina Bazan from Kayture

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