Tiffany & Co. flower


Don’t you just adore Tiffany and Co.? I decided to have a little fun with some of my pieces. I set them up so that they look like a flower! Style your jewelry and see what you can come up with. Jewelry is meant for wearing and enjoying. Use your creative mind and see what styles bloom for you.


Chanel and Parisian Chic


Hi! Here is a collage of collected items that go well together. In the picture, there is a black Chanel handbag, gold Chanel earrings, Daisy perfume by Marc Jacobs, a vintage gold Gucci bracelet, a Parisian Chic book by Ines de la Fressange (with a red and gold cover), a gold and black Tory Burch belt and bracelet, a studded black and gold bracelet, and a small Chanel shopping bag (with a classic Camellia flower).
These items all complement each another. Jewelry and accessories help complete an outfit. All of these items are put together and finish the whole/main look. Next time you set out an outfit, think of what pieces you could put with it to make it flare. Have fun!


Cartier + the Essentials


Hey fashionistas! I decided to set up a little collage of different items with the same color. In this picture, there is a red Chanel nail polish (in the color ‘Dragon’), a red and gold vintage Gucci bracelet, a Cartier gold Love bracelet and Juste un Clou bracelet, a red and silver Gucci belt, and Vivienne Westwood’s perfume Anglomania.
There are a few accents of gold in this photo. This shows that in an outfit, someone can have one base color and accents of another color or colors. I hope you like what I put together. Have a great day! 🙂


More 4th of July outfits…


In this outfit, I am wearing a white crop top from American Apparel, american flag denim shorts, a Marc Jacobs red belt, white flip flops from Old Navy, and a red and blue necklace. This outfit is more of a casual look, but still a tad bit dressy. It can be worn to a casual pool and BBQ party that will make you feel like you can run around through the grass.



In this outfit, I am wearing a plain red t-shirt, basic denim shorts, a white headband with a bow, and Juicy Couture sandals. This look is the most casual, and is also a bit sporty (besides the headband). You will literally be able to roll around in the grass and have fun without worrying about getting anything dirty. This look is for if you don’t feel like getting dressed up, but still want to show your holiday spirit.

Have fun trying out these looks and I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Fourth of July in style!

Happy 4th of July everyone! Here are some outfits that you can wear for the holiday.

In this outfit, I am wearing a white no-sleeve cropped top with a bow from Epic, red denim shorts from Hollister, a blue belt from Gucci, a gold elephant necklace, gold bangles, and Dior sandals. This look would be more for a barbecue party or something that is on the fancier side. Also, for this outfit, wavy hair compliments the look because it adds body to the outfit, along with the bow on the crop top.

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