Summer Sophistication


Hey everyone! In this outfit, the items of clothing shown are: a black crop top from American Apparel, white and black-striped nubby shorts from Forever 21, gold gladiators from Juicy Couture, and a gold coin necklace and bangles from Forever 21.

Since it’s summer, that means we can’t get too dressy right? Wrong! Even though it’s summer, that doesn’t mean we can’t still have some fashion fun! An outfit like this can be worn to a barbecue, movie date-night, shopping trip, or if you just feel like getting dressed up. Enjoy your sophisticated summer ;D

~Danielle **

Dressing for a summer date can be tricky…

It’s finally that time of the year. The weather is gorgeous, shorts and flip-flops are in season and are being sold in stores, and there are tons of places to go and have fun! Now, imagine you are going on a date to your favorite place with your crush, but you have no idea what to wear. Read on and I will tell you how to look awesome on your perfect summer date to paradise and how to dress for it.

Going to the beach with your dream date is totally romantic, so start with a t-shirt and shorts or a mini skirt. Under it all, ready to show, wear a swimsuit that is comfortable, affordable, suits your style, and looks cute on you. Stores like Forever 21 and Aeropostale sell swimsuits from bikinis to one-pieces and have designs that are either basic, colorful, patterned, or girly. The price ranges there are about 12-25 dollars. Other stores like Zumiez sell swimsuits that are more hipster-like and have a skater/surfer feel. Prices there range from 7 (when you can catch a sale) to about-20 dollars. Similar stores are Billabong, Tilly’s, and Roxy with prices that are a little higher. Along with the swimsuit, you could also bring a cute pair of matching sunglasses, like wayfarers or aviators and a few string bracelets to touch up your perfect beach date look. If you get cold, and your date doesn’t offer you his hoodie, bring your own with a cut-out neckline to show some shoulder. Most importantly, never forget the sunscreen! You want to protect your skin, not rock the lobster look.

Going on a date to the boardwalk leaves lasting memories, and you want to remember wearing a nice and an appropriate boardwalk outfit. Depending on the weather, many outfits can be worn. For example, a comfy and cute sweater (if the wind is a bit breezy) and jean shorts are a trendy look. Or, instead of a sweater, wear a loose or tight crop top. Whether it has long sleeves, short sleeves, or no sleeves, it all goes nicely together and gives off a chill, but fashionable look. Shirts like these can be found anywhere, from Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, or Pacsun. Prices range from 10-30 dollars. For shoes, sandals would make the outfit a little girly. If the goal is to not look girly, a more casual pick would be loafers or sneakers. When he sees you walking around in this outfit, he’ll want to win you a prize for sure!

Six Flags is probably one of the best places to go on a date. Couples hold hands, go on rides together, and share snacks. What’s not cute about that? On a hang out like this, a girl should wear something nice, but not too fancy. Also, they shouldn’t wear something that would fall off or get in the way. Wearing flip flops are easy to slip on, but once you go on that roller coaster, they will definitely fall off. Walking barefoot around a whole park would not be a good first date. A romper and sandals/gladiators is a nice look because it’s cute, but not too dressy. Another not-over-the-top outfit are overalls and sneakers or sandals. Overalls are casual, but they are so unique that they are not completely so. The fanciness of the outfit can be determined with what shoes you choose. Sneakers would give a more laid back look, while sandals touch it up a little more. These outfits are a little more unexpected, but a loose shirt with just the front tucked in (back hanging out), a unique belt and jeans shorts would be just as nice for a Six Flags date.
six flags look
A movie date always gives a girl a chance to be flirty and a little sparkly with the dimmed lights and choice of movie. No matter what you wear remember to bring a sweater because it may be hot outside but inside is most likely air conditioned. Showing a bit of shoulder is always good on this type of date, whether it be an off the shoulder or sleeveless t with a little bit of sparkle. Make sure you do not wear anything with too many trendy tears or rips, because the last thing you want is for your crush to get his hand caught in one of them as he puts his arm around you trying to shield you from the Horror flick on the screen. Pair this look up with leggings or a layered skirt and sandals with a little (not too high, not too low) kitten heel.

Finally, once you and your crush get a little more comfortable with each other, you two could go to a barbeque. It’s usually warm this time of year and it’s an event that is not too formal but dressy enough. On an occasion like this, wear a basic-colored romper with a statement necklace and bracelets that makes the outfit stand out. Or, wear a romper with pattern (floral, tribal, boho) and a necklace and bracelets but make it simple so that it matches with the pattern. Each could be paired with one-colored gladiators (but that match the color combinations to the outfit). Your guy will definitely notice how cute you look in your outfit as you two are chatting together and eating delicious foods. Another trendy outfit to wear to a barbeque would be high-waisted dark blue shorts and a light colored top (either no-sleeve, cropped, or a t-shirt). Any of these options would look great tucked into the shorts. Match it with a necklace that pops out, like a metallic color in a rusty gold or bronze tone. This outfit can also be paired with gladiators, preferably ones that match the jewelry in the outfit. Dressing like this is a treat for any guy even before you get to the barbeque.
bbq look
We have been to the beach, boardwalk, Six Flags, movies, and a barbeque. Try any of these looks, get ideas, and then add your own twist. These outfits are a wonderful way to dress for a fun and flirty classic summer.

Welcome Summer…florals and pastels!


Summer is now here! Yay 😀 This means crop tops, florals, pastels, and high-waisted shorts are in season! In the pictures shown, I am wearing a pink floral crop top from Forever 21, high-waisted shorts from Urban Outfitters, a brown belt, a gold ball necklace (made myself), bronze gladiator sandals, and as for the bracelets, they are Alex + Ani and Juicy Couture.
It’s very easy to put together a simple crop top and shorts or skater skirt outfit together, but the more difficult part is making the look your own. For example, I like to match certain colors together and accessorize my jewelry in a way that gives me my own look. This can be done by combining different textures or patterns with a more basic clothing item. In my outfit, I have a light pink crop top that is embellished with a flower pattern and is paired with shorts that are a smooth cotton material and one-colored. It’s okay that they’re high-waisted because it’s a little unexpected as opposed to wearing regular short shorts. Next, you need accessories that compliment the outfit. Jewelry is one of the finishing touches that nicely sets the look. I am wearing a simple necklace with a little design (the gold ball). A necklace definitely needs to be worn with the shirt, but nothing too over-the-top. A basic one-colored necklace that agrees with the color of the shirt is a perfect match. Same goes for the bracelets. Alex + Ani bracelets are very popular, and that is probably because they are so fashionable and easy to wear with anything. The golden brass colors of the bracelets perfectly match with the vintage-y colors in the outfit and picks up the color of the shoes too. As for the shoes, gladiators are very in during the summertime, they are comfortable, cool (because of the openings between the straps) and stylish in appearance.
Making your own summer look will have people wanting your summer wardrobe! Have fun mixing different styles, textures, and patterns together and have a very fashionable summer! 🙂

~Danielle **

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