Street Smart Chic


Walk through the streets in this outfit! I am wearing a pink Juicy Couture jacket, grey Mossimo jeans, pink and grey Adidas sneakers, a grey undershirt, and a silver Tiffany & Co. necklace.

In an outfit like this, there is so much you can do. Someone can go to the park, go skateboarding, walk around, or just do whatever, but it’s also pretty enough to have lunch in if you want to go out to a fancy-ish place. A look like this is easy to get. You need a tight hoodie jacket, skinny jeans, sneakers (preferably high-tops), and a thin statement necklace that’s not too big to get in the way of your activities. Make sure that the items you are picking are color-coordinated and admirable. You wouldn’t want to go out to eat in a jacket, jeans, and shoes that look like gym clothes…unless you were going to a gym. This outfit gives off a casual, chill vibe but is also cute and has a niceness to it. In other posts, I have said that you can combine looks. Well, this is another example. Combining looks can be very easy if you put the right articles of clothing together. Anyways, good luck with picking your street smart outfit. If you’re wearing this outfit around, then you are street smart and book smart!

Punk School Girl



Hey, everyone! Want to look preppy but not have a total sophisticated look? Read on and i’ll show you how!

In this outfit, I am wearing a brown leather jacket from Forever 21, a red and black plaid skirt from Hot Topic, high-knee black socks, Gucci loafers, a Nina Ricci gold necklace, and a gold Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet (on right hand).

If you have a specific look in your mind, like a 100% preppy look, then that’s good! If you want to mix it with another look, that could be a little tough. One may wonder, “What looks should I mix together?” or, “What should I wear to give this specific look?” To answer these questions, all you have to do is think of the styles you want to mix, get an idea in your head, and then start picking out items of clothing and mixing it together. For example, I have a preppy school girl outfit, but I made it a little more than a Miss Perfect preppy look. I added a punk, edgy feel. To do that, I had the preppy idea, but then I thought of something I could mix with that. I then thought, “Hey, a punk look would be cute!” Then, I started thinking of what to add. Well, I know that preppy girls wear plaid skirts and high-knee socks. So, I picked those out, but instead of picking out the typical bright colored and girly plaid skirt, I chose one with some darker colors than one would not normally expect of from a preppy girl. Same goes for the socks. Instead of white socks, I chose a darker color to match the skirt, which is black. Then, I chose black loafers with a little gold buckle (the little bit of gold compliments the gold in the necklace and bracelet). Loafers are a perfect preppy look, and they don’t have to be Gucci. They could be found at Forever 21. Next, I chose a plain black t-shirt to match with the colors in the skirt, socks, and shoes. Remember, pick colors that go together. The gold necklace and bracelet adds to the gold in the shoes, and it also makes the outfit a little brighter along with making the outfit less dark. If you do that, pick a bright color that goes with the outfit. Finally, the jacket goes with the outfit because it’s a dark color and it goes along with the look. If you chose a black jacket, that would be too much of the same colors. The brown makes it a tiny bit less darker.

Good luck with making your own two-themed outfit!

Casual Runway Look




Want to look casual but in a stylish way? In this outfit, I am wearing an Emilio Pucci jacket, a tan shirt, blue jeans, an Oscar de la Renta necklace, and Christian Dior high-heel boots.

Just because someone wears heels, it does not mean they are going to an elegant ball. Even though this outfit is a little more than the everyday look, it is somewhat casual with the neutral colors. To have a casual outfit that is in high fashion at the same time, wear casual heels with basic clothing, like a neutral colored shirt and basic jeans or leggings. Then, add a bold statement necklace that adds a very unique and stylish touch. Look like this, and you will be rocking the runway meets casual look.

French Sailor



Sailor meets fashion in this adorable french sailor look. In this outfit, I am wearing a Moschino jacket, Tiffany & Co. gold key necklace, blue and white striped lace shirt, light blue ripped John Eshaya jeans, and Por la Victoire boots.

This outfit has a lot of nice details going on. First, there are stripes. Secondly, there are gold hearts. Then, there is a big silk bow. Also, there are rips on the jeans. Lastly, there are some different colors in the outfit that you would not normally put together. This is mixing textures and colors together to give an outfit a unique look of your own. If you combine different colors that you would not normally think of putting together, try it out, because you may be pleasantly surprised. Sometimes there are colors that one wouldn’t think goes together but once they try it, they like it. Next, try putting together different textures, such as I have with the stripes, bow, hearts, and rips. They all combine cutely to make a sailor look (stripes),  a french twist (silk bow and gold hearts), and a bit of an edgy feel (rips on jeans). Try to get out of your comfort zone a bit and wear your heart on your sleeve, your stripe, your bow, or your rips.

Juicy Hip-Hop



Black and gold just go perfectly together in this Juicy Couture/Hip-hop combination. I am wearing a black and gold Juicy sweater, slim black and gold Juicy Couture sweatpants, Gucci loafers, and a sparkly gold Juicy Couture bird ring.

I decided to go for a hip-hop look, but I wanted to add some designer style to it! In every outfit, I try combine colors just right so that they contrast and match perfectly with one another. As seen in this outfit, I have some gold color from each of the items while black covers the rest of the outfit. Try to pick out two colors, and have one color show a little less than the other color so that the one color does not empower the whole outfit. Or, if you want to wear the same amount of two or more colors, put the colors in different places of the outfit so that it does not look like a big clump of a color.


I Adore Dior


It’s April in Paris, who do I turn to…Dior, of course! In this outfit, I am wearing a J’Adore Dior 8 black t-shirt, striped black and white leggings, Gucci loafers, a gold-tone Nina Ricci necklace, a Juicy Couture orange and gold bracelet, and a black and gold Tory Burch bracelet.

‘Cool’ Outfit with Chanel boots



The classic colors in this outfit all go perfectly together. There is a no-sleeve white turtleneck top, black leggings with headphone skulls, ‘Cool’ necklace, and last but not least…white quilted Chanel boots!

Just because this outfit with the turtleneck is sophisticated, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it! To make a sophisticated-looking outfit not as sophisticated, simply add something interesting, such as the ‘Cool’ necklace or the leggings with the skull headphones that I am wearing. It will create an outfit that is kind of serious with a mix of cute/fun.

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