Athleisure Making a Fashion Victory

By Danielle K

We’ve seen work out pants, shorts, tops and hoodies on the track and in the gym, and now we’re seeing them on the runways. With labels such as Adidas, Nike and Champion, athleticwear has been notably seen for many years as just exercise clothing. However, these work out style staples have started to become reinterpreted in a completely new way. As influenced by celebrities such as Kendall Jenner who wears sports sneakers to a nightclub and Gigi Hadid who dons a tracksuit as eveningwear, the Athleisure trend is quickly gaining popularity.
With the exception of Juicy Couture and its velour tracksuits that were far ahead of this trend, Athleisure is a fairly new trend with new clothes, new fabrics and new tailoring. The idea is that gym clothes are making their direction out of the gym and becoming a more everyday part of people’s wardrobes–and not just your Mom’s track suit.

Wikipedia defines Athleisure as a trend of fashion in which clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities is worn in other settings, such as during work, casual or formal occasions. Athleisure outfits are yoga pants, tights and leggings that look like athletic wear yet are characterized as fashionable, dressed up sweats and exercise clothing. With this trend in mind it is more acceptable to wear your gym clothes all day, even if you have not worked out.


Adidas, established in Germany in 1949, is one of the world’s most well known leaders in the sportswear industry. So it is not surprising to know that they are the Reigning King when it comes to Athleisure. Fashionistas are scouring the Internet, and second hand stores are getting their hands on the brand’s vintage tracksuits because of the nostalgia for the brand. While we are used to seeing the famous logo appear at the track, gym, or soccer practice, Adidas’s clothes are proving to be so much more than something to just sweat in.
For instance, the famous black and white striped Adidas track pants is now making its way into closets for everyday wear. A stylish and unique combination with these pants could be a nice pop of color, such as a red t-shirt, or even a white sweater layered with long and short necklaces or stick with a monochromatic outfit. To be more unpredictable, add a unique pair of high tops instead of completely sporting the brand with its own shoes.
Kendall Jenner is all about wearing her ever-growing collection of leggings and what makes the look work on her is the way she infuses athleisure with casual elements of rock ’n’ roll edge. Wear your best leggings with a black leather look jacket, a white tee shirt, boots and silver jewelry Or take a tip from Bella Hadid who has been seen rocking a sporty Adidas mini dress with a pair of white sneakers and sleek aviator sunglasses.


From a more high-end fashion view, Vogue magazine offers five rules of Athleisure. First, keep up with seasonal trends. Until about a year ago, fitness did not have trends. Athletic wear used to be all about wearing black, but now there are more choices such as patterns and color blocking.
Second, invest in pieces that mix function and fashion. Athletic wear was, is, and always will be comfortable. Don’t choose pieces that are not comfortable because that would change what athletic wear stands for.
Third, accessorize appropriately. All it takes is one accessory to go from a gym to street look. Fourth, dress for the occasion. Just because a sports bra and shorts are athletic does not mean to wear them to a fine restaurant. When in doubt, stick to neutrals basic colors like black, beige, brown, and white for an elegant and classy look.
Finally, be on the lookout for well-known clothing companies transitioning Athleisure into their lookbooks, making it easier for consumers to segue into the trends. With designers like Stella McCartney and Paco Rabanne adding their interpretation and embellishment of Athleisure to runway shows, this era of gym to glam clothing should be a staple in everyone’s closet. Even Chanel has added a pair of couture sneakers in its runway shows, proudly displaying its ubiquitous double C’s.


Celebrities like Beyonce with her Ivy Park workout collection (named after her daughter Blue Ivy), Rihanna with her Fenty x Puma, and Kate Hudson with Fabletics are making their foray into the mix, making the trend even stronger. Track pants and suits, oversized sweaters, graphic tees, and giant hoodies are just some of the great pieces of adapted athletic wear. Along with the top designers there are also almost endless companies like Lululemon, Urban Outfitters, Victoria’s Secret, Sweatstyle, Athleta’s and even Levi’s, who are looking into making some of their jeans more like yoga pants, that are offering not only clothing but also their lifestyle of a healthy mind, body and soul.
There are more than enough options for what a stylish girl should wear–the problem is what to wear exactly and how to make it look fashionable.
For taking your clothing from the gym to the street, add the right accessories whether you want to be cozy chic, add some sparkle, or go from day to night. One cannot go wrong starting out with a simplistic or classy, stylish bag. Wearing a leather-like jacket with leggings like Kendall will keep your outfit stylish and chic. A denim jacket, big scarf and hair in a bun is a new classic too.
Change your look with brights, but either just the top or bottom. Wear a sporty dress or leggings with heels for a more glam look and don’t forget a necklace and bracelets. Wear a pencil skirt with a track tee and a bright lip, or match a big sweater with leggings and midriff. Most importantly, don’t forget imperative Athleisure accessories like a baseball cap or backpack.
Today people are embracing healthier lifestyles, while also demanding more functionality from their wardrobes. The need for everyday comfort especially for anyone trying to work fitness into an already overtaxed schedule seems insurmountable. Thanks to this comfortable yet stylish choice we have one less fashion decision to make. Now, if Adidas just came out with prom wear…

Nature Walk

Hello, everyone! The temperature has been a bit warm the past few days and not the usual crisp and chilly October weather! Before we get completely submerged in Halloween costumes and colors, we could still get a few more fall looks in! Even though this is not a typical fall look, I thought the colors of the shirt and shoes and the flowers on the pants added a nice mix to the scenery of the season.

In this look, I am wearing a Gucci bag, Vince Camuto heels, turtleneck top from Forever 21, Soprano harem/capri pants, Marc Jacobs bracelet, and gold and black necklaces.

This outfit is good for a walk around town or out to dinner. Just add a brown leather (or faux!) jacket for when it gets cold.

~Danielle K


Drive Into Fall

Happy weekend everyone!! Even though it doesn’t feel like Fall, I am so ready to break out into Fall fashion. This outfit, however, is more a type of style than a seasonal one. Regardless, it is a great Fall staple. No one can go wrong with the cute, casual look of cuffed ripped jeans, pointed heels, and an oversized tee.

In this outfit, I am wearing a Burberry t-shirt, Forever 21 ripped jeans, Michael Kors heels, a Louis Vuitton handbag, an Hermès belt, and Gucci accessories. A great part about this look is that it can be worn with any jeans, any heels (or flats), and any big shirt, all following the aesthetic of the outfit.

Fall fashion is warm, cozy, and all about neutrals, but don’t forget about outfits that don’t exactly meet the Fall quota.



City in the French Country

Hello! Have you ever worn a city look in the country? If not, this look proves you can! And I don’t mean wearing a nice outfit in a farm where your beauty efforts will be under appreciated, I mean the French country. Try country clubs–they are a great place to kick out your heels put on your best clothes as if you were going window shopping in Manhattan. This outfit is very versatile, as it can be for the end of summer and fall, worn to school/work and at an up-the-top party/event, or styled for an event in the city or country.

In this look, I am wearing a double off-the-shoulder top from Garage Clothing, ripped jeans from GoJane, black Michael Kors heels, Tory Burch belt, faux Kelly bag by Hermès, gold bangles from Forever 21, and a homemade gold vintage choker. Also notice the aesthetics of the look: rolled up jeans, hair in bun, a very parisian femme top, and separated but coordinated colors (the black and gold pieces compliment each other in addition to the nude jeans).

Regardless of where you go, remember to stand up straight, put on your best smile, and walk with confidence, whether you are in the city or the country. As Coco Chanel once said, “beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”. So be yourself, and look stylish while doing it.

~Danielle K.


Céline Summer

Hi, everyone! I hope you are all having a great summer!! I know I have not posted in a while but I have a bunch of new looks to show you for school, fall, and for just in general! In this look, I am wearing a Céline nano luggage tote bag in black, an oversized camouflage t-shirt, shorts (to go underneath shirt/dress), Stuart Weitzman gladiators, a homemade vintage gold choker, and a Tory Burch and pearl bracelet.

This summer, I have been really into the “t-shirt dress” look. This look is taking a huge t-shirt and wearing it as a dress. For this outfit in particular, the camouflage shirt is too short to be worn just as a dress alone, so I wore plain black polyamide shorts underneath so that when I lift my arms up, the shorts are there, and can be seen (I love this about the outfit because it gives it its own unique aesthetic).

Also, I am so happy to wear my Céline nano luggage tote bag! I got this when I was in Venice, Italy last summer. Bags like these compliment any outfit, especially if one of the main or accompanying colors in the look is black or a matching color.

Stay tuned for more posts coming soon! (:

~Danielle K**

P.S. – Do you notice my cat in a couple of the pictures? (:


Summer Tour ’80

Happy Summer!! With the new season upon us, it’s time to break out the summer clothes! Yes to sleeveless tops and shorts, but what kind? And with what? Well, I’m here to show you what to wear and in the most stylish way possible.
In this outfit, I’m wearing a Def Leppard halter top, high-waisted ripped denim shorts, Stuart Weitzman tall black gladiators, and a rusted gold choker necklace. I also decided to wear my hair in a bun to complete the look of summer style and the aesthetic of this outfit.
This outfit is the epitome of free spirit, fun, fashion, and expression. Who’s stopping you from being you? Wear what you feel and flaunt it like the world is your stage.

~Danielle K.





Compassion in Fashion

By Danielle K.

There are many social issues in the world: hunger, homelessness, world peace and the list continues. Many of these causes have major celebrities, actors, actresses, and models behind them to bring them to the forefront of people’s minds. However, there is one problem that is becoming more ethically challenging- the treatment and abuse of animals in the fashion industry and how to make a change.
Many centuries ago, animal fur was used as a means of survival to escape the harsh cold of the winter. Today, it’s just another accessory to add to our wardrobe. With all of the new types of fabrics people have today, there is no reason why people should continue to wear leather, fur, or other types of animal skin. Gandhi once said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. Fortunately, many of today’s designers would be given ‘two paws up’ for their heartfelt consideration on the behalf of the lives of animals.
One such designer who would never be caught designing products with the use of fur or leather is Stella McCartney. Stella, the daughter of former Beatles member Paul McCartney and Linda Eastman, is a designer famous for her expensive, yet animal-friendly, clothing and accessories. Since she started designing in 2001, she has always criticized people who use animal products in their work. Instead of using real fur, leather, and feathers, she uses man-made and natural materials in her designs that radiate her staunch stances on animal rights. McCartney encourages other designers to do the same as she says, “There’s no excuse for fur in this day and age”. People like herself are making a change in the world of animal rights.
Fur has always been a controversial subject in fashion, and now more than ever the consumer has the ability to research and decide where he or she wants to spend their money. It is an area where money and ethics converge in fashion. Groups like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) were once able to cause a media frenzy every time they shamed a celebrity for wearing fur, which actually worked for a while. Eventually, celebrities stopped wearing fur as it became unfashionable and unconscionable.
Unfortunately, fur seems to be trending again. The ‘out of sight out of mind’ mentality inevitably is what keeps much of the world okay with wearing fur. Fur companies repeatedly entice people into purchasing their products with new techniques and stylish advertising. Also, these popular big businesses do not release to the public the horrors of killing an animal for a mere handbag, so people will obliviously buy what they don’t know about.
Wild animals such as mink, foxes, raccoons and many more innocent creatures are senselessly caught and locked in tiny cages. They proceed to undergo horrendous stress and painful side effects, then are brutally killed in unorthodox methods. As said by McCartney, “Over 50 million animals are killed just for fashion”. While one may hesitate to believe this, there are no federal humane slaughter laws or regulations to protect how fur animals are killed. After all, it can take up to 40 animals to make one coat.
Fortunately, for those who love the look of fur, feathers and leather, there is always faux, which means fake or a copy. Looks can be deceiving so why not browse the racks of stores like Forever 21, Zara, H&M, Charlotte Russe, Payless and other similar fashion outlets for a non-animal outfit. These stores may copy the top designers, but not their prices. As well as keeping their prices low, they use faux leather and fur. This way a fashionista will get the tres chic look, save money, and most importantly, save animals lives.
There are many designers who feel the compassion in fashion and will not use fur in their collections. In addition to the first and most outspoken, Stella McCartney, her father Paul McCartney has teamed up with the animal rights group PETA to produce a video called “Glass Walls” which exposes abuse in the animal industry. There are many other designers who have the same motives as the McCartneys. Vivienne Westwood, a well known British designer and a long time vegetarian, also refuses to use fur after learning about the fur industry. Tommy Hilfiger stopped using fur in 2007 after meeting with animal rights activists. Calvin Klein ditched the use of fur products in 1994 due to his own reflections on the inhumane treatment in the fur industry. Ralph Lauren decided to stop using fur in his company after seeing graphic undercover footage of fur farms in China. Not just designers, but also stores such as H&M and Selfridge will not sell any fur products in their stores. Celebrities are also included in the cause. Pink, the singer, is an outspoken animal lover who spends nearly as much time defending animals as she does singing. (this last sentence should be in another paragraph)
The beauty of getting the message across for this harsh treatment of animals is that anyone can speak up. No one needs millions of followers or supporters to make their voice heard and create a change. What can also be done is to not wear fur and to boycott any designer, store or singer that supports the use of animal fur, write to newspapers about the issue, write to your State Senators and Congressman asking for the end of the barbaric fur trade and anything else that gets the message heard. It is so important that we speak up, educate, and share information about what is happening with these innocent animals. As said by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well being of a person or animal is at stake”. We need to be the voice they don’t have…if not now, when.

Springtime Doesn’t Just Mean Pastels

Happy Spring!!! Just because springtime is here doesn’t mean we have to stick with the basic spring essentials– pastels, florals, and bright colors. Try mixing up the spring trends! For instance, I have been wearing black pieces such as a black turtleneck and black shoes, and have been mixing it with accordingly pieces. These are outfits that I have been wearing throughout the first days of spring.
In the first outfit, I am wearing a black turtleneck from American Apparel, a native Zara mini skirt, black Donald J. Pliner heel boots, brown faux leather jacket, and a cute aztec necklace to compliment the theme of the skirt.
In the second outfit, I have on the same black turtleneck (I have been really loving turtlenecks), black leggings, a faux fur coat, Gucci loafers and necklace, and I put my hair in one of my favorite hairstyles: the high ponytail.
In the third outfit, I am wearing a frilly white top, ripped light blue jeans, Gucci boots, an Ariana Grande inspired diamond choker necklace, and jewelry – Marc Jacobs and Gucci bracelet and bangles, and two aztec rings.

I hope these outfits will inspire you to think outside of the “spring fashion box” and try wearing something that no one else will think of wearing this season.

Happy Spring!

~Danielle K.**















70s Mod

Hello! In addition to this outfit, my previous post was a mod outfit as well, but mod black and white. In this look, I am wearing my Forever 21 coat and striped top, Urban Outfitters high-waist denim skirt, Tory Burch belt, Donald J. Pliner black heel boots, and Gucci necklace.
My go-to makeup for any outfit is eyeliner with a cat eye (from top and bottom part of eye) and frosty pink lipstick. This kind of makeup goes nicely with mod fashion since it brings out the feel of the theme.
This outfit can be worn with or without the jacket; either way the outfit has a look of its own.
~Danielle K*







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